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Cheering Charms is here, and magic has never been cuter! This print brings the JuJuBe | Harry Potter™️ universe to life—with adorable, Chibi-inspired Harry Potter™️ characters and a starry night sky. You’ll be spellbound by the bright renderings of your favorite series’ characters, but Cheering Charms’ neutral black background ensures you’ll want to carry this enchanting print with every ensemble. You might be tempted to gaze forever at this celestial scene, but spare a moment to check out the surprise zipper pulls! Every Cheering Charms bag style features at least one zipper pull in the shape of Harry Potter’s™️ head, but a few select styles also feature Ron Weasley™️ and Hermione Granger™️—so sharpen those Seeker™️ skills and discover every style and zipper pull! One quick unzip will reveal Cheering Charms’ bewitching lining. This Gryffindor™️-inspired scarlet and gold striped lining is a gorgeous homage to the Harry Potter™️ series. Collect the cutest print this side of Hogwarts™️—get Cheering Charms in every JuJuBe style!
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